Domain Hosting Services

Every domain hosting service will do the bare minimum of putting your site on the internet. However, most domain hosts offer features and benefits beyond publishing your site, and this is where the hosting services can differ greatly. The differences are mostly in these areas:

Hosting Package
Almost all of the domain hosts on our lineup offer monthly subscriptions and several tiers of service. Some hosts also offer services like managed servers and virtual private servers. We based our reviews on the shared hosting offerings. Some domain hosts offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains, while others put caps on their service.

Which tier of service is right for you depends on how large your website is and whether you want more than one website with the domain host. Limited and small hosting packages are sufficient for simple websites and blogs, but professional sites for medium-sized businesses and eCommerce sites will likely need larger hosting packages.

The best domain hosting services will give you access to a full list of features and tools that include everything you need to build, launch and maintain your site. These can include a site builder, an SSL certificate and a control panel to help with site management. Email functionality and features are also important. You should look for unlimited email addresses, autoresponders and spam filters. Domain hosts should also provide domain check and domain registration services.

A domain host should include advanced features that allow experienced users to customize their site and take finer control over how a site looks and behaves. Here, custom cron jobs, a script library and customizable error pages are desirable. You should also consider a domain host that includes server access options such as .htaccess, unlimited FTP accounts and secure shell (SSH) access.

Ease of Use
Usability is an essential part of domain hosting. It is a complex process and if the domain host can't sufficiently streamline the process, it can quickly become time-consuming and daunting. We looked for intuitive interfaces that are user-friendly and make site management straightforward.

Tech Support
As anyone with experience in domain hosting can attest to, your website can experience problems at any hour of the day. That's why your domain host should provide you with 24/7 technical support. We looked for responsive support representatives that were helpful and knowledgeable. When your site has an issue – and it likely will at some point – you want someone who can help you resolve the issue immediately. Many domain hosts also include helpful documentation, user forums and video tutorials.

With the right domain hosting service, you won't have to worry about site management, and you'll spend more time fine-tuning your marketing campaigns and creating compelling content. The best domain hosts give you access to powerful tools and features if you want them, but don’t force them upon you if you don't want them. All of the services in our lineup can help you build, launch and maintain a successful website.


Move your IT Assets to Dedicated Servers

Stop sharing your power and bandwidth with unknown websites and applications and move your IT assets into dedicated servers that are completely under your control.

Its all about Value

The promise of unlimited computing power with dedicated hosting is real and our happy customers testify to the true value of hosting their dedicated servers at our datacenters. After all, our award winning datacenters provide the perfect securitized environment for running dedicated servers at cost effective prices.

Enterprise Grade Servers

When it comes to quality we don’t compromise. Netmagic datacenters use only top brand servers. Be assured that you are hosted on the latest servers from IBM, HP, DELL, CISCO, INTEL and ORACLE powered by Intel's latest Sandy Bridge processors. No assembled servers used.

Full Human Support

Tired of communicating your issues with thoughtless robots? We empathize. That’s why we offer 24x7x365 human support at our NOC centers manned by our very own team of experts. Each member of our NOC team is dedicated to the satisfaction of your issues and challenges while making sure that you always get what you want. That’s a guarantee!

Also, choosing Netmagic as your dedicated hosting service provider will provide you the assurance of faster resolution from OEM vendors like IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Intel and Oracle due to our scale of engagement and special enterprise service agreements that we have with them.

Fully Customizable

Dedicated Server plans are completely customizable. Within each chassis you can add additional CPU, RAM, Disk and NIC ports. You can add or subtract managed services at will, and select options like Firewalls, OS Administration, Backup, DB Administration, Load Balancers, as needed. You can also choose from virtually unlimited options for bandwidth.

Ready for more than just websites

Our dedicated hosting services are ideal for Enterprises looking to host Web servers, Mail servers, Application or Database servers, Corporate Intranets / Extranets, eCommerce portals, SaaS applications, ERP applications, CRM applications, Live Streaming or Broadcast machines.

All dedicated servers include: